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The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge and practice through an innovative, patient-centered program. The registered nursing program is designed as a hybrid program providing both synchronous and asynchronous online learning.

Registered Nurses are prepared to practice as providers and managers of care, participate as members of the healthcare community and assist patients and families in meeting physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Registered nurses provide evidence-based, culturally competent care in a variety of settings. They integrate knowledge of general education and the sciences into their practice and use of technology to provide quality professional nursing care. Registered Nurses use concepts of preventative care and community resources to teach patients to become involved in decisions about their own healthcare. The graduate of this program is eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam.


Why you should earn your Associate of Science Degree in Nursing at ICHS?

  • We offer LPN to RN bridge program.
  • Approved for veterans training.
  • Friday and Saturday schedules are available.
  • Affordable tuition payment plans.

This program prepares the student to respond to the needs of society which include the prevention of illness; the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health throughout the lifespan; the alleviation of suffering; and the support of the individual and family experiencing the grieving/dying process. The main objective of the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing is to provide excellent educational background so that its graduates are able to successfully and proficiently:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Listen and think critically.
  • Practice in accordance with the legislation affecting nursing practice and healthcare.
  • Practice within a professional and ethical nursing framework.
  • Provide comprehensive, safe, and effective nursing care to achieve identified health outcomes.
  • Evaluate progress towards expected health outcomes in consultation with the health care team.
  • Establish, maintain and appropriately conclude therapeutic relationships.
  • Assume leadership roles within the profession.


How Will Being a RN Help Prepare Me for the Future?

The Nursing program is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level career as a professional nurse. The well-rounded and balanced education will introduce the student to a broad range of subjects such as communication and natural sciences. The program includes a challenging curriculum, encompassing nursing communications, nursing management, nursing fundamentals, patient assessment and clinical practice. The curriculum is designed to provide the competency based, outcome oriented didactic, laboratory and clinical experience including the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to become a Registered Nurse.


Program Objectives

  • To prepare competent entry-level professional nurses to meet the requirements of the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Board of Nursing for Registered Nursing education and to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN examination.
  • To prepare students to work as registered nurses in a variety of settings in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To prepare students to be well grounded in the role and scope of practice for registered nursing according to the current State of Florida Nurse Practice Act.
  • To promote a commitment towards continued education, professional development and professional ethical conduct.
  • To graduate nurses that demonstrates a commitment to professional nursing through patient advocacy, professional activism and life-long learning.

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing

The program is 22 months long, with the first six months being Online. Starting with the seventh month, the student should be prepared to be either on campus or at a clinical site.

Program Outline

PRE-REQUISITES (total of 8 semester credits)  
MCB2011 & MCB2011L Microbiology w/Lab 4
BSC 1085 & BSC 1085L Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab I 4
GENERAL EDUCATION (total of 15 semester credits)  
ENC 1101 English Composition 3
PHI 2604 Philosophy & Critical Thinking 3
MAC 1105 Algebra 3
SPC 1017 Fundamentals of Speech 3
PSY 1012 Introduction to Psychology 3
PROGRAMMATIC COURSES (total of 49 semester credits)  
NUR 1025 Fundamentals of Nursing with HIV/AIDS 6
NUR 1025C Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical 2
NUR 1141 Nursing Math and Pharmacology I 3
NUR 1142 Nursing Math and Pharmacology II 1
NUR 1211 Medical-Surgical Nursing 4
NUR 1211C Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical 4
NUR 2680 Community Health Nursing 3
NUR 2212 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 4
NUR 2212C Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical 4
NUR 2520 Psychiatric Nursing 3
NUR 2520C Psychiatric Nursing Clinical 2
NUR 2420 Care of Women and Childbirth Families 3
NUR 2420C Care of Women and Childbirth Families Clinical 2
NUR 2310 Care of Child and Adolescent 2
NUR 2310C Care of Child and Adolescent Clinical 2
NUR 2811 Nursing Leadership & Transition to the Workplace 4


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